Submit button is not showing

A submit button displays in the preview mode, but it does not on the site’s front-end page. What happens?

Planning the product we were going to implement the best practices existing in the industry.

We took into account a lot of things: label placement, field sizing, flexible form element styling, and flexible form structure changing. The list of implemented things is pretty long. One of the most important features is instant data validation, which makes our forms “easy to fill out”, .

People always expect more, people always do not have time, what makes this feature vital. The objective is to provide visitors with great experience, even if they are asked to fill out a form, even a long one. Too often folks, when getting a red validation error message from a server after they submit a form, prefer not to bother again and just go. That’s why we should let visitors know about input errors instantly before they submit.

Simply put, the instant data validation feature does not work without JavaScript. If JavaScript is enabled, but does not function, the form will not be able to get ready to validate data. If the validation function does not work, the submit button will not work either. So the right name of the “Submit button is not showing” error is “The form is not getting ready to validate data, to handle spam and user errors”.

3 reasons of the “Submit button is not showing on a contact form” error

1. JavaScript errors on a contact form page. In order to check if this is the case – open the JavaScript console. Ctrl+Shift+J in Firefox and Chrome. If you are using other browser, try googling “How to open JavaScript console in …”. If the console shows any errors – fix them.

2. wp_enqueue_script is not properly invoked. In this case, the required JavaScript files are just not being loaded. In order to check this, open the page HTML code viewer, press Ctrl+F and try to find a script named ‘easy-contact-forms-forms’. If you do not find it in the code, open the plugin’s Setting page, check the Fix JS Loading checkbox and press Apply.

3. Your theme loads content dynamically. That means that the contact form does not recognize the moment when the page is loaded and nothing triggers the form to get ready. In order to fix this – set the Fix JS Loading and Fix JS Loading 2 checkboxes. If the theme is implemented based on jQuery, this will help. Technically speaking: in this case script tags should be getting evaluated.

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