Why Form Templates?

What do you do when you need to add a form to your website? Building forms takes time and there are more creative things you could spend your time for, instead of doing the mundane developing form structures and styles.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Form Templates

  1. Have well designed forms in minutes
  2. Utilize ready to use email templates. No need to build them from scratch
  3. Adjust form colors to match your site style
  4. Place forms to a sidebar or a footer
  5. Add new fields like date picker, image, or text paragraph

You Don’t Have to Be a Programmer to Do This

It is really simple. If you install the plugin, you have already done half of the work. Our team of award-winning developers created handy installation packages which add a contact form on your website with just a single click.

How to Use Form Templates And Styles

  1. Download one of form templates
  2. Watch the video tutorial
  3. Intall and customize the contact form
  4. And finally, adjust the form style

More Info?

We aren’t sharing any trade secrets of how we made this work but if you’re still after some more detail, read all about it here.