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Does your plugin support date, file upload, or other field type?

All the field types, which are currently supported by the plugin are listed here

Which phone formats are supported?

The phone format regular expression is found on the Easy Contact Forms (Web) -> Settings page.

I click on the links to add the fields to the email template, but nothing happens.

This issue occurs occasionally with Internet Explorer 9. Unfortunately, we could not reproduce it, so at this moment we have no idea how to fix it. Please try using Firefox or Chrome for now.

I tried putting a reCaptcha field on the form, but it never showed up (not in the preview and not in the saved form on the web page.)

Open the Set reCatpcha options panel. You will find a link where you can get reCaptcha private and public keys for your site. It will take up to a minute. Insert the public and private keys into the corresponding fields. Please make sure that you do not insert a public key into the private key field and vice-versa. Avoid inserting extra symbols and spaces

When I press the submit button the form returns Error. Status=0 error.

You will most likely see this error message because the site domain names in WP Settings Word Press Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) fields are different. Several browsers take this a security issue and do not allow normal form sending. The best way to fix this issue is to set equal domain names in both fields. Another way is to try to set the Fix Status = 0 checkbox on the ECF Settings page. In this case the form submission function in the form preview may stop working correctly.

I deleted the placeholder users and now it just says “Please Log in” and I can no longer making any changes

You will see this message because you have deleted the user with admin credentials. The simplest way is just to reinstall the plugin. WARNING: this will delete your Easy Contact Forms settings. If you already have important information entered, please contact our support team.

After reactivating the plugin please add a new user, enter your contact data and assign the Super Admin role to that user.

I have created a form, but no what I do, the submit button will not display

Please read this article.

I hired/asked a programmer to rework the plugin, but after that it stopped working. Can you help?

Unfortunately, we do not handle such requests. However, we may recommend installing a stable version from wordpress.org

Your newer version does not work with my own plugin or code, but it worked OK with the previous

The application is under active development now. Unfortunately, at this stage we do not guarantee any backward compatibility.

How do I get the form I just created to appear on a page

Please watch the Getting Started Tutorial.