Easy Captcha: All In One Plugin

A brand new WordPress plugin designed to protect from spam attacks is out! No longer is there a need to install different plugins to change ways of protection.

Download Easy Captcha from WordPress

It is easy as 1-2-3: You want your customer to arrive at your web site and find it easy to provide feedback. You do not want spammers and hackers to use unprotected forms.

This is where Easy Captcha is going to help. It is essential to have a plug-in allowing quick changes either towards site security or site usability sides.

Easy Catpcha uses an intuitive Ajax interface allowing to change settings in literally 10 seconds.

Your can use the following Easy Captcha modes:

Hidden captcha,
Simple image captcha,
Google reCaptcha

Hidden Captcha

This is an invisible mode. It does not need any user actions.

Simple Captcha

Simple Captcha shows an image and an a text string to to enter a value.


This is a reliable and powerful tool provided by Google.

You can use any mode under comment forms, on login, registration page, and password reset pages.

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