Contact Form Security and Anti-spam Protection

Easy Contact Forms allows you to use multiple ways to create a safe browsing and shopping experience.

As a website owner, there’s nothing more important than the safety and security of your customers as they venture onto your site. And while your customers don’t want to worry about spam, they also don’t want to jump through hoops and lots of steps to make a purchase. Everyone uses “captchas” now: the random little phrases and numbers that help prove that customers aren’t robots. Although they are effective, even these can be considered boring and tedious: especially when you mistake an “L” for a “1”.

Luckily, Easy Contact Forms are designed so that you, the site owner or administrator, has the ability to increase the site security step by step, in multiple ways. You can avoid using captchas altogether, and employ only hidden forms that are unnoticeable to your site visitors. You can even use anti-spam tools. Most importantly, all of the form protection methods are optional, and can be used in any combination.

Easy Contact Forms uses several anti-spam protection methods, both hidden and open. The hidden anti-spam tools include server-side validation, hidden fields for auto-spam tools, and set form completion times. The server-side validation allows for the entering of only valid information. This protects the site from auto-spam tools. Hidden fields create traps for auto spam tools. If the hidden field is filled in, it means that your customer is not a customer at all, but a robot. Set form times (minimum and maximum) create a time allowance for completing the forms: for example, a form set time can be between 20 and 60 seconds. Completed too quickly, (i.e., one second) or too slowly (i.e., one day), and you know the form has not been completed by a human.

The open anti-spam tools used by Champion Forms are effective as well. You can easily add a Google reCaptcha field to your form. The input submitted by your site visitor is validated by the reCaptcha server. If its submitted by another computer, it will be blocked.

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