Contact Form Plugin for WordPress. A Simple Checklist

Using Easy Contact Forms is a simple way to build and maintain your site’s visitor database. In a few steps, you can enable your site to collect and manage customer information and requests, thereby increasing efficiency and profit.

You can customize forms to match your style. In creating the product we’ve considered responsiveness, label placement, design, and fields to add for your business needs.

Our product is able to meet any requirement a site owner may have for a WordPress contact form plugin.

But… What requirements do you have?

Things you must know when planning to create a new contact form:

Contact form plugin selection checklist

  1. Should the form be comfortable to fill out? Should it provide a prompt feedback if a client makes an mistake or just forgets to fill in a required field?
  2. Should the contact form be attractive for visitors?
  3. Should the contact form plugin be flexible enough to allow making quick changes if something should be adjusted?
  4. Should the field list be long enough to make it possible to build a form you really want?
  5. Should it be well anti-spam protected?
  6. Should the contact form plugin collect contact information and client requests in the convenient way?
  7. Should it show a custom thank you message and redirect a visitor to the place you want after the form is submitted?
  8. Are you planning to have multiple contact forms on the site?
  9. Do you have your own requirements to the confirmation email messages which the form will send to clients?
  10. Do you need video lessons on how to customize the contact form?

if you answered “Yes” at least six times, then our product is for you.

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