Contact Form is Not Sending Emails. How To Fix

First of all it is necessary to understand that our plugin does not send email messages. It just prepares and formats messages and requests WordPress to send them. It uses WordPress email functions, which in turn use your underlying outgoing email server. If the outgoing email server does not work or misconfigured – messages will not be sent.

Secondly, the plugin is configured to send email messages by default. In most cases no additional configuration is required.

If you experience the “messages are not coming through” problem it is necessary to verify that:

1. Your outgoing email server works – try to send an email message using your WordPress administrative email address using a usual email client.

2. Make sure that your email server goes not have any other restrictions and security settings, like those added by Google Apps.

3. Your WordPress installation sends email messages, and you receive comment moderation requests or user registration notifications.

4. If you are experiencing problems with notification messages, then please make sure that the contact form’s Primary Notification recipient field is set and the Recipient’s email address found in the profile is correct. If the Recipient field is empty, then in order to fill it in just begin typing the Recipient’s name, then choose a recipient in the drop down list.

5. If the confirmation email messages are not being sent, then make sure that you have the Send confirmations checkbox set, and you are using a field of the Email type to collect email addresses.

6. If you believe that all the above is properly configured and the plugin still does not work in the way you want, then try to open to the easy-contact-forms-backoffice.php file, find the send() function and replace the string

wp_mail($emaillist, $message->subject, $message->body, $headers);


$result = wp_mail($emaillist, $message->subject, $message->body, $headers);
$filename = dirName(__FILE__). '/debug.txt';
if (!$handle = fopen($filename, 'a')) {
echo 'Cannot open file ('.$filename.')';
echo "result = $result\n";
echo "message \n";
echo "headers\n";
echo "emaillist\n";
echo "email\n";
$var = ob_get_contents();
if (fwrite($handle, $var. "\n") === FALSE) {
echo 'Cannot write to file ('.$filename.')';

Open the page where the contact form is located and submit the form.
Then go to the easy-contact-form directory using your favorite ftp client, find the debug.txt and open it.

If you see that the result = 1 string that means that WordPress email function does not see any errors and believes that it sent the message successfully. Our plugin does so as well. In this case you need to check your email server and address configuration.

If you do not see the result = 1 string, please send the text to our support team.

If you cannot find this file, then please make sure that the php process has permissions to write to the Plugins directory.

Please remember to replace the debug code back when you have finished debugging.

Common approaches to overcome the emailing problem:
1. Try using email addresses from your site’s domain name.
2. Try installing an SMPT plugin.

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