Contact Form Plugin for WordPress. A Simple Checklist

Using Easy Contact Forms is a simple way to build and maintain your site’s visitor database. In a few steps, you can enable your site to collect and manage customer information and requests, thereby increasing efficiency and profit.

You can customize forms to match your style. In creating the product we’ve considered responsiveness, label placement, design, and fields to add for your business needs.

Our product is able to meet any requirement a site owner may have for a WordPress contact form plugin.

But… What requirements do you have?

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Contact Form is Not Sending Emails. How To Fix

First of all it is necessary to understand that our plugin does not send email messages. It just prepares and formats messages and requests WordPress to send them. It uses WordPress email functions, which in turn use your underlying outgoing email server. If the outgoing email server does not work or misconfigured – messages will not be sent.

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Submit button is not showing

A submit button displays in the preview mode, but it does not on the site’s front-end page. What happens?

Planning the product we were going to implement the best practices existing in the industry.

We took into account a lot of things: label placement, field sizing, flexible form element styling, and flexible form structure changing. The list of implemented things is pretty long. One of the most important features is instant data validation, which makes our forms “easy to fill out”, .

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Form Templates: The Easy Way to Build Forms

Why Form Templates?

What do you do when you need to add a form to your website? It takes time and there are more creative things you could spend your time for, instead of developing form structures and styles. Form templates is a solution for those who need to easily install a comprehensive form.

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